Corporate & Workplace Seminars

"Wendy is always so connected with her audience!"
Wendy Shepherd specializes in upbeat and positive trainings in stress management, balancing work/life issues, positive psychology, and communication. Each seminar is one to two hours.

Stress Management & Wellness

  • Tell Two Jokes and Email Me in the Morning: A Rx for Getting through the Day
  • Juggling It All: A Creative Approach to Stress and Change Management
  • Optimistic – Even in the Face of Reality: Tips and Strategies for Focusing on the Positive
  • Me Relax? When Do I Have Time to Relax?
  • GET A GRIP! Realistic Stress Management
  • NO MORE GUILT! Ruling Guilt Out of Your Life… While Remaining a Nice Person!
  • Here We Go Again! Dealing with Change in Your Life
  • Wake Me When the Holidays are Over: Managing Holiday Stress
  • Not Your Mother’s Menopause: Welcoming “The Change” in the 21st Century



  • Lighting the Fuse: Enhancing Workplace Creativity
  • Work and Life Balance: Prioritizing to Avoid Burnout
  • Get a Grip on Self-Organization: Understanding Your Inner Clutter


Time Management

  • Get It Together! Realistic Approaches to Organization & Time Management
  • Who Has Time to Be a Working Parent?
  • Just Do It! Become a Recovering Procrastinator by Understanding Why We Put Things Off and How to Change


Workplace Issues

  • She’s So Annoying! Dealing with Difficult Co-Workers
  • Attitude? Who’s Got Attitude? Managing Stress to Enjoy Your Work & Life
  • Mind Your Manners: Etiquette on the Job
  • “WHAT did you just say?” Conscious Communication with Co-workers
Corporate & Workplace Seminars
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