Child Care Professionals & Educators

"She treated us like adults! We don't always get that!"
Wendy has been a strong and active advocate for quality child care and early learning for more than four decades. She is a leader and pioneer in the field. Her training and coaching for child care professionals and educators is of the same high level and quality as her corporate work, raising the bar for the field.

Professional Development & Administration

  • Tell Two Jokes and Email Me in the Morning: A Prescription for Getting Through The Day
  • Juggling It All: A Creative Approach to Stress Management
  • Attitude? Who’s Got Attitude? Managing Stress to Enjoy Your Work & Life
  • Me Relax? When Do I Have Time to Relax?
  • “She’s SO Annoying!” Getting Along with Difficult Co-Workers
  • Mind Your Manners! Business Etiquette for the Child Care Professional
  • Presenting Your Program Professionally: Marketing on a Shoestring in the Cyber Age
  • “WHAT did you just SAY???”  Consciously Staying Positive in Your Communication with Kids, Parents, and Co-workers
Child Care Professionals & Educators

Program & Curriculum

  • Low Tech, High Fun and Games: Bringing Play Back into Your Program
  • Because Nice Matters


Working With Parents & Children

  • Parents as Partners: Reaching Parents Where They Are
  • Creating Jr. Philanthropists at School and at Home


  • Don’t Just Stand There…DO Something! An Advocacy Make It, Take It Workshop
  • Get Comfortable with Using Your Voice for Advocacy: Public Speaking for Regular Folks!
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Child Care Professionals & Educators