Parent Education

"Any question thrown at Wendy was answered well."
Wendy has been leading parenting classes, workshops, and keynotes since 1989, bringing her brand of humor, sensitive, practicality, and personal experience to her audience. Whether you are planning a PTA conference, a parent night at your school, a lunch-and-learn at your business, or a motivational speech for your organization, consider these trainings and topics!

Keynote & Feature Speaker Presentations: 

  • Parenting: Your Own Personal Sitcom
  • Juggling It All: A Creative Approach to Stress and Change Management
  • Tell Two Jokes and Email Me in the Morning: A Rx for Getting Through the Day
  • Stress Burnout: Staying Involved without Getting Fried
  • Creating Jr. Philanthropists at School and at Home

Workshops & Lunch-and-Learns

  • Too Many Hats… Too Many Roles?
  • Parent Power: Become an Advocacy Superhero for Your Kids!
  • Don’t Just Stand There…DO Something! An Advocacy Make It, Take It Workshop
  • Here We Go Again! Dealing with Change in Our Lives
  • Low Tech, High Fun and Games – Bringing Play Back into Children’s Lives
  • Relax? Me, Relax? Who Has Time to Relax?
  • A is for Apple, B is for Broccoli, C is for Cashier – Reading Your Way through the Market with Your Children
  • Creating Jr. Philanthropists at School and at Home
Parent Education Wendy Shepherd